Friday, July 21, 2017

The Great Chain of Linking, Part 3

A world of pure imagination - Unlike those philosophical plebs marching around the walls of empiricism, Edward Feser offers a different perspective on David Hume.*

Four Temperaments Test - Are you sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic? Find out in approximately five minutes.

The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer - A biography from Christianity Today about one of my favourite philosophers/theologians (Art and the Bible is a wonderful read).

Why the Orthodox Honor Mary - I thought this was an informative read as an outsider to the Orthodox tradition.

Secularization Falsified - "Modernity is not necessarily secularizing; it is necessarily pluralizing." ~ Peter L. Berger. Also, Peter Berger dies at 88. May this brilliant thinker rest in peace.

Graham's Number - This number will literally blow your mind.

The medicalisation of shyness - This article has remained (mostly) unread on my desktop for awhile now, but the title makes me think that it has some interesting information.

*  While I think that Hume is alright, this praising of the empiricist (Hume) while bashing the genius rationalist (Descartes) that seems to happen causes me to lose my patience. Why would anyone have ill feelings toward a man who tried doubting his own existence? It makes no sense to me!


  1. I'm phlegmatic!

    That Numberphile channel, or a channel like it, has a video about the 3 (or 5?) shapes that make up all the other shapes, even 4 dimensional ones. It was an older professor explaining it. Rather lengthy video and somewhat advanced...but I actually kinda understood it.

    1. Nice! I got melancholic, at least, the last couple times I took it. I'll probably take it again to see if it's different these days.

      Honestly, I'm just pretty hopeless with math in general. "Graham's Number" confused me but I just think the idea that conceiving of a number could turn my head into a black hole is pretty cool.