Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stupid Sensationalism

No longer is it sufficient to solely be charmed by something. Entire bracelets used to be created out of charms; but now, the bracelet has been severed, as the beads fall to dirt in a hurried escape. Who possesses the scissors? As unlucky as it is, you cannot see them. Scissors are, after all, an archaic tool used in the production of arts and crafts, hidden away in storage rooms and plastic containers. While hidden, physical scissors are certainly perceivable because of their special use. But many a metaphorical scissors - and I did say many! - are not perceivable because they are not special in their use. Our sight takes advantage of some things.

I think about cameras and their commonality. No longer does one have to wander around an electronics department store and purchase a camera by Canon, Nikon, or Fujifilm, especially as a special object. The feature of photography no longer belongs to a camera in itself, but can now be found in cellphones and other computer devices. When we say that "talk is cheap," we also infer that talk is common, wholly apart from any concerns about truth or falsity. The mass media have used cameras for a long time, but the esoteric quality is wearing thin. Any such denizen with a cellphone these days can film local scenes of speculation and publish the results through social media. Of course, this meandering about commoners' abilities is not truly germane.

But I think about a news story involving a man driving his automobile into a Ten Commandments Monument in Arkansas and how it can receive 53,000 positive reactions and a plethora of pretentious comments on Facebook. The leprechaun is no longer charming or lucky, but only mischievous - sensationalist, in a word. As long as sensationalism is made an idol, that which is actually sensational only becomes secondary scenery. Along with the surplus of cameras and their images, sensationalism is also being over-manufactured.

May charm and sanity be maintained in spite of this, and perhaps more importantly, may truth seekers not become numb to the degeneracy of the world in which they live.

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