Thursday, May 4, 2017

Train Bridge

The armchair is cozy but I never know what I believe until I leave it. Truth is best found in fear and not tranquility. To be in fear means to lay waste to both knowledge that is taken for granted and to rediscover knowledge that is taken for granted. I am not thinking about what I usually think about, as my life-world begins to brim with surprise. The thing I have forgotten in my stable life-world comes to surface. It has been there all along, though I did not know it. Truth has been there all along, though I was unaware. My life, the chess board, has been crammed with pawns, knights, bishops, and rooks ... but where was the queen? Where was the king? The king has come to greet me in my fear! He was hidden in the crowd for so long a time; but now, I see him. Why did he ever disappear at all? Situation puts the human on their feet, in the objective world, while theory only puts pen to paper, in the subjective. In situation, I am tested in my entirety. I not only recognize my responsibility but I become aware that I may actually have to exercise it. In my thoughts, I can imagine instances where I could decide to choose responsibility or not, though no thought whatsoever has much of an objective bearing. Only my thoughts are tested. But this was no mere thought, though I imagined angels.

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