Monday, May 8, 2017

Summer Reading 2017

I posted a reading list last summer, though this time around I won't be mentioning what music I plan on listening to 'cuz I'd rather be more spontaneous with what music I do listen to, as opposed to even trying to listen through full albums or EPs. However, I would like to continue mentioning what books I've been going through and which ones I plan on reading. Below is a list and the order is in accordance with the picture I took. In the brackets I will be mentioning the genre and my progress (please forgive the inconsistency). Also, sorry the picture isn't that great. It's tricky to get a good photo indoors, I guess.

1. Thomas Merton - New Seeds of Contemplation (meditations / 12 of 39 essays read).

2. Max Weber - The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (sociology of religion, economics / have not started).

3. Jay DiNitto - Pale Blue Scratch (philosophical fiction / halfway).

4. David A. Karp - Speaking of Sadness (sociology of mental illness, symbolic interactionism / chapter 3).

5. Bishop Kallistos Ware - The Orthodox Way (theology / have not started).

6. Peter Kreeft - Ecumenical Jihad (religion / chapter 7).

7. Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann - The Social Construction of Reality (sociology of knowledge / finished).

8. Peter L. Berger - A Rumour of Angels (sociology of religion / have not started).

9. A.W. Tozer (editor) - The Christian Book of Mystical Verse (poetry / about halfway done).

10. Christopher Butler - Postmodernism (philosophy, theory / have not started).

11. Janet Wolff  - The Social Production of Art (sociology of art / have not started).

12. Thomas E. Schmidt - Straight and Narrow? (sexuality, theology / ~50 pages deep).


  1. Allow me to preen for a moment...

    1. Just wanting to check if my comments will actually be accepted. I did find your list of "books to be read" rather interesting, noting that you are attempting to broaden your perspective on a host of issues. I want to commend you on that. An open mind leads to the discovery of truth.

    2. Hi, Grandpa! Your comment has been received and I appreciate the affirmation.

  2. I laughed out loud! Also, "preen" is a new word for me, at least, beyond the subconscious level.