Thursday, May 11, 2017

Four Years Since Bible School

It's been about four years since I departed from Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre, which I attended from September 2012 - May 2013. In the immediate aftermath, I remember looking at the yearbook quite a lot. Though such a preoccupation with this particular past has fluctuated over time, lately I've been returning to it. Arguably the most engrossing of the implications which make up the yearbook would be the notes/signings. The wording of some of the notes make it sound like familiarity would never waver. I believed that and it seems that others did, too. Of course, being cities, provinces, countries, etc. apart can make contact more difficult, I have found out. Related to this, I wonder how to classify the group I was immersed in: primary or secondary? The answer appears to be rather ambivalent. That being the case, this entry is not intended to read like some mnemotechnics that purely brims of confusion and forlornness.

I thought it might be fun to jog my brain for some highlights from the year. Should I use bullet points or paragraph form? Bullet points are easy. I'll go with bullet points. Also, things are warming up here in Saskatoon, hence my difficulty with doing much of anything at the moment. I've been wanting to write something more deep but nothing comes to mind. I tend to get headaches from the warmth, so ... I can't believe I've written this much given my sapped state ... where was I? ... I'm not sure. I should go outside or something. But then again. Bullet points - that's what it was about. Actually, I kind of like the look of numbers more.


I visited Seattle and words can't explain the experience.

I chose Ecclesiastes 5:2 as my Bible verse in the yearbook, and to be honest, I probably would have chosen a verse from Ecclesiastes if I was in the same situation now.

I was on the yearbook team. My best pages were for Missions Fest and my best drawing was the emotional candle tree. I think this was a good preamble to future efforts I joined like Indie Vision Music and In Medias Res. Males have proven to be in the minority for both yearbook team and the In Medias Res editorial board. C'mon, men! I know some of you are writerly and artistic ... right? Honestly, I don't care if men join or not and I was just trying to be humorous, so enough of that ...

I don't wear fake glasses as often anymore. That whole not getting as-bad-of-headaches thing becomes more important to you than aesthetics after awhile.

My friend, Chad, encouraged me to become a social worker and he was pivotal to my interest in philosophy. The dream of being a social worker was alive on and off throughout the year. Though I did not pursue the route of the social worker after all, I did declare sociology as my major, which is of course related. In addition, I also declared philosophy as my minor and am in the process of completing the last class for my undergraduate degree. Sociology and philosophy truly make for a wonderful combination.

My hair is usually not as wavy. I'm really nailing this whole heat-is-bad point, aren't I?
EDIT: Numbers look just terrible.

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