Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lifesavers Underground - Shaded Pain

L.S.U. haven't received much play from me recently, but for whatever reason I was thinking about them the other day, and decided to listen to "Shaded Pain" again. I thought I had overplayed that song so as to no longer enjoy it, but a break from it proved to keep my interest in tact. Melancholic songs are a dime a dozen but there's something special about "Shaded Pain," methinks.


  1. Such a great song. Love Michael Knott!

  2. Shaded Pain is a cool album! Any other Knott recommendations you might have?

  3. Yes (sorry so long in getting back to you!)! Of what I've heard, I really love The Aunt Bettys self-titled album. I am also fond of Hearts of Care, which is a really quiet, kind of reflective album from around 2002.