Thursday, February 9, 2017

World Wide Web Vanity

I have come upon a prime opportunity to discuss, what I would consider to be, some plebeian tendencies. As per usual, I am focusing on ideas and not persons who have said ideas. I say this to avoid any possible perception of antagonism that may result from what I write. It's a blessing and a curse that I can't seem to think well of so many different things. My prose might cut sharp, but beyond that, I wish to do no harm.

Object 1. Instagram - Why don't we talk about pictures of vinyl? No, not hardwood flooring - I mean records. Look, I'm glad that you enjoy music - hey, I do too - but do you really have to brag about what's probably becoming another hipster artifact? Make no mistake, I do listen to records and I enjoy the record-listening experience. But it's this "limited edition, signed, 1/500, first pressing" nonsense that's annoying. And putting your record on a special stand as if it's some idol is terribly bourgeois. Secondly, pictures of other cultural capital, like alcohol. Drink (alcoholic or otherwise) is merely a tool to aid a necessary, that is, to quench one's thirst. There's nothing really interesting about that because it's a bare bones means to survival. And to think that this is what people are using to uphold the thought structure of their personal identity ... it just strikes me as rather insipid. It would seem most silly if I took a picture of a carton of chocolate milk, so why should anyone post a selfie with their PBR? If it's just what's cool, well, there's nothing really to it. The glass is truly empty.

Object 2. Comments on social media - I've noticed there's this tendency for some people to comment on a couple's picture and say "you two are just the cutest" or something to that effect. This makes me rather uncomfortable because the couple should be complimenting each other in romantic ways, rather than outsiders. I must also mention when people say they NEED something on social media, usually some materialistic object. No you don't; limited edition shoes are not necessary for survival. I have also heard the term "networking" thrown around ... I'd be fine if you called it building friendships or even making business connections, etc. but networking just sounds so ... mechanical and non-human. But I won't stop you from saying that or doing any of the other things I've mentioned in this post. This brings me to my final point: when people say you can't say that or something similar. Yes they can because they just did say that! Of course, you don't have to like what they said, but literally speaking, people can say whatever they want even if it's wrong.


  1. Those things are all quite annoying. The "I Need" thing in particular--"want" and "need" are two very different things, and often the latter differs drastically from the former.
    Sometimes I think back to the heady days of the Summer of 2004, before Facebook, and wonder, if I am still alive in 2027, how I will look back on Facebook in light of whatever it has evolved into, or whatever has taken its place?
    I feel weird sometimes, not having a Facebook or Instagram account, knowing how much discourse is exchanged between people I know and love of which I am not a part. I wonder how I will feel then, and if I will still be so to against whatever those forms are.

    1. I wonder when something different will replace Facebook, assuming that happens? Facebook has sure had a much better run than MySpace. That being said, I do find it is a colossal time consumer (slight Coheed and Cambria reference!), and I have been on and off Facebook so many times. Simulation is never better than the real, so I don't think not having it is a bad thing, personally.

      Good eye, too! I really don't like how often I change the look of the blog but I just can't content myself with a design...

  2. Also, you changed your header again!