Saturday, February 25, 2017


Geography has been lost to a technological torrent. Survey the lay of the land. Empires, ghettos, mansions, houses, apartments, boutiques, discounts ... what does it all mean in the face of proper questions? Is there a silence apart from the cacophony? Has the world wide web become a world wide marketplace? The downtown, tenth floor office residing capitalist is no longer the only one raking in the dough. Cultural capital, social capital, and money all have their presence in the digital hemisphere, though I think such an un-nature promotes bungling to a certain extent. All of these presences are social; you need a buyer and a seller. Unfortunately, the seller is granted a more comfortable accommodation while the potential buyers must surf the net with caution, much like a surfer trying to avoid getting trapped in the coral reef! The potential buyers are assumed to be interested in buying. I suppose that's not much different than walking into a shop and having employees badger you with promotions 'cause they're working on commission. Competition, it is sad to say, prompts disappointing results every time. I guess I'm just frustrated by advertisements ... nearly nobody has the means to accumulate all of the property that's advertised to them ... is there something that could be done about this? I'm sure people have felt like this for a long time. When you watch TV, you want to skip the ads.

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