Tuesday, February 7, 2017

For a Second

ALEC: I noticed while we were passing Le Coq Sportif that you were looking through the glass in a very distinguished way. What would cause your eyes to do that?

MARCEL: I must admit, monsieur, that my attention was captured by one of the mannequins in the display case. I can't put my finger on it, but there was something about the way it was looking out the window. While all the others were mere pronouncements of money, this one looked poor in the face.

ALEC: Ah, yes. The third one, on the left?

MARCEL: I thought there were only two?

ALEC: I am the third.

MARCEL: How do you mean?

ALEC: Don't speak for me.

MARCEL: I felt like the mannequin was an accurate depiction of me. Being is in the moment, non-calculated, often unrecognized. As long as I stared at the glass, it was there. As soon as we had passed and began strolling beside that brick wall, the image of myself had disappeared. But the absurd fact was that I was the one walking! I didn't care about the actual, the person walking, as much as the reflection in the window of the boutique.

ALEC: May I offer you a Rothmans?

MARCEL: You may but I must decline. Do you truly have such disdain for this conversation that you wish to see me cough so as to keep me from speaking?

ALEC: No, it's just that you seem ... tense.

MARCEL: I am ... now ... quite unlike when I was the image. You see, I looked past myself - not like when somebody else looks past you and there are the pangs of that disinterest - but it was like one of those moments where ... I don't know.

ALEC: Do you not wish to say something?

MARCEL: I sincerely do wish to say something, I think, but I'm not sure what. Let me think for a second ...

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