Friday, January 20, 2017


JACQUES: What does it mean to be alive?

RAINIER: To be alive means to be anything but dead.

JACQUES: You can sell these binaries for a dollar a dozen, but that won't get me any closer to meaningful aliveness. You assumed I was playing a game of logic. I knew I was asking a question of existential importance.

RAINIER: I beg your pardon, monsieur! It is quite pompous of you to assume I could read your subjective musings at the mere sight of a question - and such a lowly exemplar of syntax at that!

JACQUES: There is no need to become red in the face, Rainier. None of this means any-

RAINIER: Doesn't mean anything at all? What nonsense! You asked me to prescribe to you a framework for a meaningful existence, and suddenly you turn the tables, denying meaning at every moment of your ordinariness. It would appear that you're in despair, but you're not, or else you wouldn't be talking to me. Who are you?

JACQUES: I can't be alive or else I wouldn't have asked the question. I can't be dead or else I wouldn't have been able to ask the question.

RAINIER: This is bizarre! I should prefer to mosey on over to Café Velours, where I will enjoy a plate of lobster mayonnaise in solitude.

JACQUES: Fine by me - I don't want to put up with your stigma, anyway.

RAINIER: You do realize that word refers to the holes in the hands of the Christ, don't you? The context in which you used it is so plainly bourgeois, why, it makes me sick! I have lost my appetite. Show me your hands; if not, I shall reserve my malaise.

JACQUES: You've lost an appetite for food; I, however, have lost an appetite for discussion.


  1. Replies
    1. It's an original writing / experiment ... thought it would be fun to convey ideas in this form rather than the usual.

    2. I enjoyed it. Also, Nighthawks is among my favorite paintings, if not my favorite. I had this awesome Hopper calendar once, but I gave it to my kid's art teacher...I wish I would have kept it, though I am sure she put it to good use...also, I saw it once in the flesh at the Chicago Institute of Art...I had my cousin take a picture of me with it, and for some reason, the whole thing came out sepia-toned. Awesome. Fitting for your above writing!

    3. Thank you. I was not familiar with Hopper or this work but luckily managed to stumble across it. You're right, this is great art.