Friday, January 27, 2017

I Am No Longer An INFJ

As a person who apparently fits within an individualist personality type, I shouldn't care about this tribe; but I do, and must admit how jovial I was reading some of the names of famous INFPs: Kierkegaard, C. S. Lewis, Van Gogh, Augustine. The most questionable component here is the P, prospecting or perception as opposed to J, judging, since I usually score as an INFJ. I would say that I am prospecting when it comes to internal matters and judging when it comes to external matters. In many ways, I am unorganized and I don't care to be anything other than that. I misplace things of value quite often, don't plan how I'll do certain things (writing drafts for papers ... no thanks ... why wouldn't I just do a good job the first time around?), and enjoy getting lost in my head, especially while walking after dark. However, I do also confide in the control of judging. For instance, I don't like finding out last minute about structured social situations that I'll be a part of and would like to know at least a day in advance. Then again, I also don't like finding myself in non-structured social situations because I am horrible at making conversation on the fly. Even though I've tried planning for such moments of small-talk, I can't seem to ascertain how to be successful ("the rug's topography is oddly patterned, hey?").

I have a lot of respect for the INFJs (especially since it's the most rare personality type), and perhaps I myself still remain to be one - but I can't turn down this opportunity to be the INFP, a category which has included so many talented individuals, especially writers. That's one of the great difficulties I've had with taking these tests - being honest with myself. Sometimes the ideal person, according to me, can overshadow the actual state of who I am - am I answering according to who I want to be or to who I actually am? I feel wrong answering either way. And of course, there have been good INFJ writers, but there seems to be this general notion that many INFPs enjoy writing and ideas. Also, I find myself laughing at how many bad INFJs there apparently are.

I took the INFJ or INFP test on and received ... INFJ. Rats! I immediately took it again to see if I could at least think like an INFP according to this site (given that I took the initial test on The results rendered that I can. Of course, all I would have had to do is remember the answers I selected from before, which I did, though that wasn't exactly on my mind at all ... and there's the unorganized characteristic again.

I really shouldn't be so hung up on this, but I'm determined to be an INFP.

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