Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Ethic of Thought

Might man be able to set himself free from the shackles of false thought? Can all beliefs be made subject to destruction, or is man too milquetoast to reach this precipice of mind? I had the thought four years ago, though my current answer lacks the zest that the former answer contained. I must have imagined it was possible to do this. I remember viewing the project before me in wonder - not as some burdensome task such as fixing a broken part, but it was like building something that wasn't there before. There was elation in the anticipating of this mental exploration.

I suppose it was prone to failure, though. In order to build a home, you need a certain set of land to place it on. The worldview I wish to construct is the home and the ideas in my memory bank make up the land. Most things change over time, save for certain necessaries. The stock of ideas in my memory bank over the past four years have certainly increased. Not only does this indicate that the land, or the set of ideas, has become larger, meaning that a more robust worldview (i.e. home) is required, but it means that careful attention must be allotted to the moral state of the specimens which make up the land. When you have few specimens, it is easier to monitor them. But when you have more, there is a greater risk of non-knowing and thus an increased chance of poisonous specimen lurking in the field of ideas.

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