Saturday, October 1, 2016

You Can't Have It All

You said that when there were spaces between you and two others. Well, they both left. I gave my head a shake. Initially, I thought it was one of them. But since they both left, it couldn't have been either of them. Therefore, it was you. I'm sorry for shaking my head like that.

You speak to others very closely, though your terms are difficult to ascertain. I'll never know what it was that you meant ... I'm trying to think of a clever way to say the exact same thing but I cannot.

What motivates the cogs of the news machine? I feel pity for R.S. At least Feser was there after the 'crime scene' to provide some clarity on the matter. There is no way to both ways.

Crème ivory pillars are enticing. I suppose there's something to saying that metaphysical solutions are built among the aesthetics of architecture. But I'm not sure what it is that you see ... or is it that we are merely looking at the same thing with different eyes?

The deadpan nature of a head cold never quite ceases to interest me. Listening to the sounds of my own songs and I remember what it was like when they weren't yet singing. Qualitatively, they are the same, but I am not. How could I see that difference in such sameness? Contradictions are not dismissals; far from being an exit that reads 'entrance,' they are, rather, opportunities for actual admittance. But apparently most don't enjoy being right and wrong at the same time.

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