Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Prescription for Headaches

Want a headache? Just look at the hoard of narratives in relation to any social issue. The majority seem to suggest that the institution best equipped to fix the problems are those in government. This might initially seem like a plausible idea. Isn't it at least possible for the institution with the most power to use that capital to maximize the good? But as theologian Greg Boyd mentions in this article, the problem is that the government and the Church have been equated, and so, the idea that the government is equipped to properly address such problems simply falls apart.

I could have gone there - criticizing a realm so very alien to me. I suppose that this is the problem I see in all of this - and to think I almost committed the same error! One of us sees a spaceship with green antenna martians marching up the ramp, while the other sees ourselves as that martian, but in a human suit.

At any rate, there's a certain haughtiness to "well-informedness" when you live in this life-world. What do you experience in person and what do you experience second-hand? And look, I'm not even some empiricist who trusts your in person experience because, as Descartes notes in his Meditations, even the accounts one creates by means of phenomena perceived through the senses are prone to error. So if one can be wrong about their situations in person, then how much more wrong could they be about phenomena encountered second-hand!

Why are some so insistent about their meta-narratives and why are personal beliefs even important at all? Though I must admit that I am interested in both, I truly wonder about the significance of these, and in quite equal measures at that. Is the interest in 'properly labeling' something so mammoth and external from oneself an improper temptation of control? If an ant existing in an ant farm believes it lives in the sea, does that really matter in the grand scheme of things?

It's really not that I wanted to make another sterile "this is a problem, oh wait, the problem is me" entry. People have been saying such things for a long time, I would (dis)like to imagine. But the cogs will turn as they please - that's free will. Proper law exists metaphysically, with the wholeness of God ... and that's not exactly here. So what are we doing with these preposterous, political narratives? Why?

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