Sunday, July 3, 2016

What does it mean to do one's best?

The answer to the question is contingent upon what is meant by “best.” There are at least two ways one can go about defining the term. The first is that "best” is some phenomena that can be recycled, for instance, projecting utmost effort at a given time and having the ability to project that utmost effort once again, if not more than once. But a confusion entails: what is meant by utmost effort? Is there only one utmost effort or is there a range as to what constitutes utmost effort? It seems very likely that there is only one utmost effort because the term "utmost" refers to the greatest degree. But can't the greatest change from situation to situation? The second way to define “best” is that it is some phenomena that can only be utilized once, that is to say, projecting utmost effort at a single moment and never being able to project such effort again. Here it must be recognized that there are some flies in the ointment. For one, we must ask ourselves the same question in relation to definition 1: what does utmost effort exactly refer to? Another difficulty comes when considering the state of existence of the person who has done their best ex post facto. Would all of the person's vitality just vanish or is it merely that the person would be unable of exerting an effort that great ever again?


  1. Man, believe it or not, I was thinking the same thing the other day. I often tell my wife that I am trying my best, but how can such a thing be quantified. All of "my best" would lead to my death, right? Like I would serve them to such an extreme extent that my body would break? But then I wouldn't be around to serve my role anymore. I dunno. I mean, I have my own definition of what "my best" is, which is what I meant when I used the term to comment on your previous post, but is my conception of my best equitable to what my actual best is?

    1. Woah. That's amazing that your thought about it is exactly the same as mine. I guess the only way to get around the problem(s) is to make an addition: utmost effort while not jeopardizing one's existence.