Monday, July 18, 2016

Underoath - When the Sun Sleeps

I considered "The Changing of Times" to be my favorite album for quite a while until "Dead Throne" by The Devil Wears Prada took its place in 2012.* Though I think it true that the former is an objectively better album than the latter, I have, overall, subjectively enjoyed the latter more. That being said, I don’t listen to songs from either album that often these days. I’ve more or less overplayed “Dead Throne” so at this point I’d probably enjoy this classic Underoath album more. It's interesting to note that these have been my favorite albums since metalcore is not a genre I listen to a whole lot. Anyway, I've had this song in my head the past couple days and I always thought the video was interesting, especially since it mostly involves the band playing. Also, there’s some nostalgia from watching this on Yahoo! Music back in the day on that laughably small video player.

* “Dead Throne” was released in 2011, but I only listened through the full album the following year.


  1. My old band played with UO a few times when they were out supporting this album. I thought at the time that they were trying too much to do the hopesfall thing, but listening now it definitely doesn't seem like it.

    1. That's way too cool. Haven't heard much of hopesfall before, though if they're anything like this, I'd probably like it. I sure miss these classic Solid State sounds.

    2. Check out the No Wings To Speak Of EP, if you haven't:

      15 years old and still holds up well.

    3. I thought it was a decent EP. I think it would have worked in their favor had they used more clean vocals, especially in those brilliant moments of melodic instrumentation, but I liked the screamos. The ecclesiastical lyrics of track 1 were a plus, too.