Thursday, June 16, 2016

Registered for Classes, 4th Year

Today was registration day; for me, the fourth year. This meant I had to get up a little earlier than what my recent schedule has allowed for (7:30 am - I'm an arts student, leave me alone). But I didn't mind because I got to choose these fun looking courses. I'm already preoccupied with thoughts about textbooks since I have no problem whatsoever with spending more money on books of a theoretical nature. Not that I think I'm that bourgeois, but I enjoy reading so that's that. My inclination in posting this picture on the blog is that it will serve as an artifact of my very first set of registered classes for the year; I am renowned for adding/dropping them, so we'll see if I yield to familiar choices or deviate. I have a good feeling I'll keep the schedule, although I'm somewhat uncertain about SOC 227. However, I will stubbornly fight to keep my metaphysics elective on the agenda. I've loved metaphysics ever since I read Stephen Mumford's inspiring Very Short Introduction on the topic in late 2013/early 2014. I was hoping to take existentialism too, but you can't have it all, so that's cool.

Now that I've prattled on about all these possibilities, I will hopefully finish my summer course (final exam on Monday - oh boy!) on a positive note. It's quantitative research, which is not my favorite since I'd rather bask in what some would call 'meaningless' theories because that's just what I like to do (no, there is substantial reason for that, but I just don't care to explain that here). Anyway, the class has gone quite well thus far and I'm content with taking it this summer rather than later. And that's more than enough words for today - I shouldn't be slacking off like this.