Monday, May 9, 2016

A Short Note on Editing/Design

Less than a half hour ago, I began the arduous process of capitalizing every letter that requires (and some that don't necessarily) capitalization. The charm of all lower case letters has worn thin by this point and considering that the content of my writing gets better with time, I don't find it useful to be so negligent toward basic orthography. Also, I don't consider myself a hipster, so there's no point to making myself vulnerable to that suspicion. I should be finished updating all the posts within a couple of days. That said, the title (and header) of the blog will continue to be all lower case, simply because, I think it looks cool. I'm also thinking of updating the background and possibly the layout of the blog. Though I like the image of the cats on the fringe, I wouldn't mind some new scenery.


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